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Constellation Learning/Growth Group Pilot Program

This year, come explore "the place where your deep gladness meets the world's deep need . . ."

October, 2018 - June 2019

We are happy to announce the inaugural cohort of our new constellations-based learning/growth program.  For almost three years, we have brought many of the best American and international constellation facilitators to Minnesota to help people here understand the promise of this ground breaking methodology.  However, each session has been a stand alone workshop, with little formal teaching about the foundations of the work and little sense of how one might progress through it systematically to heal the issues that have stood in the way of one being one's true self.  So we are excited to offer this new program, designed to meet the needs of those of you who want to go farther, both in your comprehension of the field of constellations, and especially in terms of uncovering and/or strengthening your own sacred work and being-ness in the world.

Our sense is that civilization and its foundations are shifting beneath our feet - either breaking down or breaking through.  An opportunity is arising for us to live more in our true Self, in our Soul.  In fact we are being beckoned to it, so that we can be escorts of the emerging future that is wanting to break through, and that needs us to be fully whole to happen. The choice is ours, and all that depends on it is only the future of human evolution . . .

This program is designed so that you can use constellations to face and shift the obstacles that stand between you and the joyful expression of your true Self, and the gifts that are only yours to give, and for which the world urgently longs.  Here are the objectives:

  • To provide a space where you can become grounded in the theory and principles of constellation work 
  • To use this knowledge as a base from which to go deeper into your own growth, using constellations to work through patterns of entanglement in a more sustained and systematic way
  • To claim your deep gladness - your Self and its unique role in this evolving world, in a new and profound way

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