Please have a look around our site, and let us know what you think.  We intend to keep adding content - as with anything organic, the field of constellations and our knowledge of it keeps growing.  We'll be adding more resources for organizational constellations and social change/social justice constellations, and well as family constellations in the coming months. Enjoy!



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What are systemic constellations?

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Constellations show a 'life image' of unconscious entanglements in personal, organization and social systems, and offer methods to shift and heal those dynamics.

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"Observing and participating in constellation work was a profoundly connecting and sometimes awe-inspiring experience, and each constellation of the weekend deepened my sense of what it is to be a human being. This was my first experience with constellations, coming after about a year of pursuing personal growth and healing work, and I am profoundly grateful to the facilitators, organizers, and other participants of the workshop for creating this opportunity and a supportive group to help me frame and integrate my own experience. The workshop was a catalyst for understanding the family, ancestral, and societal context of my life, and insights from it have come back to me time and time again over the past few months. Thank you!"

K. H., Chicago