We offer three kinds of development for professionals who would like to incorporate constellation methodology into their work:

Pilot learning/growth cohort.  

This program is designed for those who want to learn to lead constellations themselves, in either individual or group sessions.  This program is described on the “Learning/Growth Cohort Program” page. This year’s offering (Oct – Jun 2018-2019) comprises about half of what is needed to successfully facilitate constellations; the second half will be offered next year (2019-2020).
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One on one sessions.

For psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, organizational consultants, social change agents and other human service professions who want to explore systemic dimensions of their work, usually in terms of specific cases or projects about which they would like coaching or consultation.

In these sessions we set up a constellation using figurines or floor mats, and sense into the systemic dynamics at play.  Often this can open a new dimension of perception and understanding about the root cause of issues, and give new leverage for change or growth.

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Group consultations for professionals.  

In these settings, the issues and hoped for outcomes are the same as in the individual sessions described above. However the group setting can offer sometimes a different richness of insight and understanding.  

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