What Are Systemic Constellations?

Photo credit: Arden Wong  http://creativecommons.org

Photo credit: Arden Wong http://creativecommons.org

A constellation shows a ‘life image’ of dynamics in a human (family, organizational, or social) system.  It displays relationships, entanglements and connections between parts of the system (people in a family; people or functions in an organization) that we would not be aware of otherwise, because we are normally unconscious of them.  The underlying premise of this work is that the events, illnesses, traumas, dysfunctional organizational behaviors, etc., that we usually think of as one-off, are in fact manifestations of unconscious or invisible systems, and that only by treating the underlying system will the issue at hand really resolve itself. We live the symptoms of entangled dynamics through patterns we create and recreate, often to our detriment and with a greater or lesser degree of pain and/or unhappiness. Constellations show what is out of order that leads to these symptoms, and by revealing this allows a healthier, more functional order to be re-established.  

Who & How?


Who Is This For?

Many individuals may benefit from Systemic Constellations, including:

  • Individuals who seek growth, especially those who feel stuck and for whom traditional therapies and healing practices have not brought about relief or desired results

  • Members of helping professions: physicians, therapists, body workers, religious leaders and spiritual based healers — wanting to enrich their practices with new insights about health and human behavior

  • Organizational consultants who have sticky organizational problems and want a deeper insight into how to change

  • Social service professionals who want to discover their own indigenous roots to stand in more joyful, less burdened relationships with the clients they serve

  • Leaders who want to keep developing

  • Organizations with sticky, dysfunction repetitive dynamics who want to treat root causes


How Might You Participate?

Systemic Constellations help heal many life issues through a variety of different methods, including:

  • Through participating in constellation workshops

  • Through one to one constellations, either in person or by Skype

  • By being trained in family constellations methodology

  • Through receiving coaching/consultation on client constellation issues

  • Through participating in a peer group where client constellations are done

  • By joining a learning cohort to connect back up with their own indigenous background and feel the healing, release and support of their ancestors

  • By contracting with us to build a process to uncover hidden dynamics that keep the organization from reaching it’s true purpose