This Family Constellations Training builds on the Constellations Growth Group, which is actually year one of the training. Having had the chance to delve deeply into the theory and principles of constellations, and to expand their own self knowledge in the Growth Group, participants can choose to continue on to year two and become trained as constellation facilitators. The objectives for year two are similar to year one with one major difference - the primary focus on learning to facilitate several types of constellations. Note: others may join this training with permission of the instructors. This includes people who have completed another facilitator training, or who have had extensive experience with constellation work.


  • To provide a space where you can become grounded in the theory and principles of constellation work

  • To learn to facilitate constellations

    • Each stage of a constellation

    • Several types of constellations, such as

      • Phenomenological constellations

      • Structural constellations

      • One on one constellations

      • Constellations in a group setting

  • To use this knowledge as a base from which to go deeper into your own growth, using constellations to work through patterns of entanglement in a more sustained and systematic way

  • To claim your deep gladness - your Self and its unique role in this evolving world, in a new and profound way

   There will be three types of learning:

·      Personal growth of the facilitator. Personal growth of the facilitator will take place through constellations facilitated by each other, by cohort leaders, and by structural constellations around key issues

·      Didactic components. Didactic components will comprise both information about the practice of constellation facilitation and themes that show up in constellations themselves

·      Practice facilitating. Substantial time during each module will be focused on group participants practicing facilitating different components of a constellation, such as:

  • Interviewing

  • Setting up a constellation

  • Testing/revealing

  • Healing sentences/concluding a constellation


  • Weekend workshop with Elena Veselago; special workshop within for training participants. (See more about Elena’s workshop under Events.)

  • Three two-day (Saturday and Sunday) workshops with Katherine and Mike (and perhaps and perhaps guest presenters

  • One four-day retreat with Katherine and Mike

  • Weekend workshop with Bill Mannle and Ed Lynch; special workshop either within or following for training participants. (See more about Bill and Ed’s workshop under Events.)


 Having attended year one of the training, or permission of the training leaders

 Tuition: $1700; $1600 if paid in advance by October 1.

(Note: if an extra training day is scheduled with Mannle/Lynch, an extra fee will be added.)


  • Oct 18-20 (Veselago plus Peyton translating)

  • Nov 16-17

  • Dec 14-15

  • Four day retreat: Apr 23-26

  • Mar 21-22

  • May 29-31 (Mannle/Lynch)


Weekend with guest presenters and four day retreat TBD, two-day weekends at 9930 Heron Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55110.

For more information, contact Katherine at or via our contact page.