Family Constellations are the original form of systemic constellation work. In this type of constellation, a client or seeker brings a question or intention to a constellation session in order to understand and shift the generational, systemic dynamics holding the issue in place.  This work is particularly effective for issues that have not resolved through traditional therapeutic methods. It can also be very helpful in understanding and shifting systemic cause of illnesses. (For a fuller descriptions of how constellations work, click here.)


We can work with family constellation issues in a group or one-on-one setting.

Typical issues or questions that can be addressed:

  • Persons struggling with serious life issues, including health problems, depression or anxiety, chronic “survival mode,” painful relationship patterns, or career struggles

  • Couples wanting to create healthy and satisfying relationships

  • Those seeking to deal positively with severe illness and death of family members

  • Previous partners (spouses, fiancées, deep first loves) of yours, your parents, your grandparents, or spouse

  • All those wanting more love, freedom, and clarity in their lives and relationships, and freedom from entanglements caused by trauma in this life or in previous generations such as that caused by:

  • Miscarriages, abortions, and stillbirths

  • Adoptions and children viewed as a secret

  • War experiences

  • Immigration

  • Colonial genocide

  • Family members who survived or perished in the Holocaust or pogroms

  • Third Reich or Nazi military experience

  • Ancestors who enslaved African Americans

  • Experiences of enslavement, persecution, or genocide

  • Ku Klux Klan membership or victimization

  • Accidents, suicides, and murders

  • Severe illness and sudden deaths

  • Mental illness (diagnosed or undiagnosed)

  • Severe financial hardship

  • Unacknowledged hardship

  • Prison experience (either unfairly punished or lack of consequences for criminal action)

  • Unrecognized or shunned racial or sexual minority family members

  • Religious traditions that have been lost or excluded

  • Other family members whose fates were in some way difficult

The week-end I spent in St. Paul learning about Systemic Constellations was truly life changing. I chose to address some life-long childhood issues related to my relationship with food. The work I did opened me up to explore some barriers that I had not even considered. As a result, I have lost over 40 pounds and have completely changed my relationship with food! I would highly recommend this work to anyone who is struggling with any relationship.
— M. W., Ohio
I found the constellation work facilitated by Sarah Peyton, a guest facilitator, to be very eye-opening into how to better work with the challenging relationship between my daughter and I, as well as understanding just how deeply engrained a dysfunctional pattern of behavior had been in my Mother’s family for generations dating back to the Mayflower. All helpful in making sense of the pieces of my past to help me to heal and continue to grow as a soul in a human body. I appreciate the work that Katherine and Mike put into making this constellation work readily available in MN!
— J. H. White Bear Lake