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"We Are All in the Same Field" Constellations with Elena Veselago, Sarah Peyton translating

  • Carondelet Center 1890 Randolph Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

How can the ability to read the field help heal the wounds of the soul and of society?

During this seminar, Elena will work with the movements of the field in the most common and simultaneously most unique human stories.

Why am I alone?

-        Why are there problems in my marriage?

-        Why is my child behaving “badly?”

-        What is making me ill?

-        How can I find work I really love?

-        How can I make more money and spend it with pleasure?

These questions are shared by all of us and by our clients. The ability to read and understand the field processes which correspond with these questions can give us the answers. And at the same time, working with the field can give us the chance to create openings and successes where there previously were none.  

Elena will explain, demonstrate, and offer exercises, and do constellations and explain them.

Times: Friday Oct 18, 6:30pm - 9:00 pm, Saturday Oct 19, 10:00am - 5:30pm, Sunday, Oct 20, 9:30am - 5:00pm

Elena Veselago is a leading Russian constellations facilitator, leader and the organizer of the Russian professional society of constellators. Having started her study of constellations directly with Bert Hellinger, Elena then continued her education with the most important international constellations masters. She has studied with 28 teachers from German, the Netherlands, the USA, and Australia, and other countries, including with teachers who offer shamanic training. Elena is a regular presenter at international professional conferences in Europe, the USA and in Australia, and is also the organizer of the largest constellations conference in Russia, “The Open Field.” Combining a deep sensitivity to the field, a knowledge of systemic laws, and access to the great resources of humanness and nature, Elena has created her own style of doing constellations, including the development of definitions and technology that support integration. Elena is very grateful to be working with Sarah Peyton, who is able to translate new phrases and ideas from Russian into English in order to make them available to the international audience.

Sarah Peyton, who visited us last year to teach us the Relational Neuroscience of Constellations, is delighted to be our Russian translator for Elena's visit. Elena is Sarah's own master teacher, and she is as excited about being with us to learn as she is to interpret. Sarah worked as a simultaneous interpreter for 20 years, and only returned to Russian and to translating when she met Elena and wanted to learn from her and to support other non-Russian speakers to learn from her. 

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