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All My Relations Constellations

  • Carondelet Center 1890 Randolph Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

A transformational walk with the family soul . . .

Family systems constellations reveal those places where one suffers out of loyalty to the challenges, wounds and fears of the past in the system.  Being disconnected from our lineage, land and stories, many modern souls are searching for the inclusion which is so often found in a simple movement in the Circle. Walking with the ancestors, we will introduce respect, and the incorporation of ancient healing wisdom traditions and ritual in life and systems constellations.

In this workshop, participants will:

•Be introduced to family system constellation work

•Be encouraged to consider the family system dynamics in their own background, including the orders of love, the role of the ancestors in healing and victim/perpetrator dynamics

•Experience a constellation, either their own, standing in as a representative, or as an observer.

Francesca Mason Boring, is an enrolled member of the Shoshone Nation, an aboriginal tribe in the US.  She has been trained in Family Constellations by many of the original masters in constellation work through out the world.

She has facilitated workshops/trainings throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Singapore, Australia, Bulgaria and South Africa.

Mason Boring serves on the advisory board of and writes for The Knowing Field, the journal for constellation work and has authored six books, most recently Family & Systems Constellations: In the Company of Good People.