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Gestalt "Summer Camp": The Practice of Systemic Constellations for Personal and Professional Growth

The Gestalt International Study Center in Wellfleet, MA,on Cape Cod is holding it’s second annual ‘summer camp’ with the intention of building a community that focuses on connection and new learning. This summer camp event is an opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues, while simultaneously meeting interesting people in a vibrant and fun learning culture. We are pleased to be presenting one of the intensive afternoon programs, focusing on constellations.

The 5-day program includes:

  • INTENSIVE TRAINING: Each participant will choose one Intensive Training. Participants will meet as an ongoing group for three hours daily throughout the week

  • MULTIPLE 2-HOUR WORKSHOPS: These sessions will offer you a wide range of choice and learning opportunities

  • FREE TIME: One of our main goals is to create the space relax and create community in beautiful Cape Cod.

The afternoon intensive that is about constellations is one of five or six intensive afternoon programs:

The Practice of Family Constellations for Personal and Professional Growth

Katherine M. Curran, Ph.D

Family and Systemic Constellations is an indigenously inspired practice that was initially developed by a German ex-priest and psychotherapist named Bert Hellinger, from personal experiences with Zulu tribes people in South Africa.Constellations reveal a ‘life image’ of unconscious dynamics in a family, organizational, or social system. Through having participants represent elements in a system, a constellation can display relationships, entanglements and connections between people in a family, or people and/or functions in an organization or social system that we would not be aware of otherwise. We live the symptoms of entangled dynamics through patterns we create and recreate to our detriment - even over generations - with greater or lesser degrees of pain and/or unhappiness.

Constellations expand and change our sense of the ground of an issue so that we see the figure in a fuller, more meaningful light. They show what is out of order that leads to these symptoms, and by revealing this allow a healthier, more functional order to be established. Two distinguishing traits of this method are that it allows us to access and heal patterns created in earlier generations (i.e., transgenerational trauma), and that it does this through drawing on information available in an expanded sense of ‘the field’ as first described by Kurt Lewin. In this intensive, participants will learn the basics of constellations, have opportunities to either work on personal or professional issues, to represent in others’ constellations, and to debrief the experiences from a Gestalt point of view.

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