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Equine Assisted Constellations: Playing in the Knowing Field with Horses

Back by popular demand, this is the second event this summer where we spend a day in the 'field of the horse,' first getting to know how they live in the field (meaning the Knowing Field, not only the hayfield), and then having a chance to experience the deepened resonance of doing constellations with our equine friends.  The horses lend their exquisitely tuned ability to perceive energy to the work we do, and the heightened clarity of that results can bring profound results to the humans who come with questions they'd like to explore on that day.

Cathy Buelow, MA, equine assisted coach, is our guide in learning about the world of the horse, and Katherine Curran, Ph.D., and Mike McElwee, Ph.D., facilitate the constellations.  

Our objectives for the day include for participants to be able to:

•Relax into a heart based connection with the horse and access the wisdom of the field of the horse.

•Experience the balance of giving and receiving with horse and humans as partners.

•Participate in constellations in an expansive nature-based knowing field.

The Horse Ancestors will be there, too!

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