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Systemic Constellations as a New Method to Diagnose and Change Organizations

This will be a presentation with experiential exercises given at the Minnesota Organization Development Network’s monthly meeting. It is open to the public. Registration information will be posted soon.

Systemic Constellations is a new, European-developed, indigenously-inspired method for organizational change.  Using people in a group setting to represent organizational situations or events, a constellation shows a ‘life image’ of dynamics in a system.  It displays relationships, entanglements and connections between parts of the system (people, functions, departments, ideas, etc.) that we would not be aware of otherwise, because we are normally unconscious of them.  Because these entanglements each have a unique energy signature, constellations can show what is out of order that leads to these symptoms, and by revealing this can foster a healthier, more functional order to be re-established.  Systemic constellations allows for organizations to change faster because issues normally taking months to diagnose can be revealed quickly through their energy signatures, and potential avenues for change can be equally quickly vetted.

In this session, Dr. Curran will give an overview of the theory and history of constellations, lead one or more exercises involving systemic perception, a key constellations technique, and demonstrate part or all of a systemic constellation (depending on time) based on a topic brought forward by an attendee.


 Participants will:

  • Learn the key concepts of systemic constellations

  • Experience and experiment with systemic perception

  • Watch or represent in a constellation

  • Have questions answered

This event takes place at the U of M’s Carlson School of Management’s Executive Dining Room. Registration details to follow.